Sunday, January 30, 2005

God, please let me get healed up now

Ya, I am sick of this injury now. I have bought so much crap to treat it that I am going to go broke and still be injured. Now it is deep tissue self-massage and more time off the bike. This thing is so close to healing that I am getting even more frustrated.
After a day off I can ride all day. But, put two days on it in a row and I am falling apart again.
Our toilet in our apartment sucks. It has this little bucket around the spicket inside to help it conserve water because we are in the desert and are draining all the water out of Colorado. Anyway, this causes such slow water flow that nothing goes down. Now you are stuck flushing it like 10 times to get it to swallow everything. By the time you are done you have used way more water than if the regulator thing didn't even exist. Sorry Colorado. Pray for more snow because our toilet is.
Yep, my roomates have been on their bikes all day. I feel really great about that and I think I will shoot myself in the head in the meantime. I NEED BIKE.
It is looking like no team bikes this year for our team. Hey, we are looking though. We have options. I am looking at these Felts with some seriousness. Orbea es muy bien tambien! I think I will get something new in the fall. It is too close to the season right now to be changing rides. Hell, if I have low air in a tire it throws my geometry enough to cause weeks of soreness. I am that sensitive. That is a sucky feature about me. I keep the bike fitters busy.
As I close in on the Valley of the Sun I am freaking out more and more. I have no fitness due to this injury and the time trial is going to make me cough up some serious lung.
So back to the start, "God, Please help me out dude!" Ciao -Ian

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