Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hey, I am all new to this

Hello from Arizona. Tucson to be exact. I have been trying to get some sort of website source set-up but never seem to make time to do it. I have been riding down in Tucson trying to survive on these crap covered roads. New pavement? They have never heard of it before around here.
Mt. Lemmon has some good surface but I am nursing a rookie cycling injury and I am paying for it with time off the bike. Hey, that is O.K since I have a lot of school stuff going on. I am taking the online route this semester and frankily, it sucks. First off, we are living in the ultimate ghetto apartment in Tucson. Painted white brick cinder block walls. Hmmm. Great for going nuts within. We can't get the internet up and Cox Cable wants to take all of our money in making it work. So we leach off of our neighbors wireless network. Except, it hasn't been to reliable of late. Of course, we complain about it but for godsakes, it is free. Maybe we should lay off of some of "those" websites.
Since my major is Criminal Justice I have discovered that I live in the ultimate criminal justice city. High speed chases, Mexican border proximity, you see where this is going. We have crime and all the time. I saw that police officers get some what good money here until I saw there workload. Screw that. Guns out every night and the Ghetto Bird in the air all the time is a goo d indication that your job in muy dangeroso.
I am off to buy a digital camera to supply this blog with some strange photo's. My roommate, Jeese, has created two missions to keep us occupied on the long base rides over the next couple of months. Frist, pick up those little one shot liquor bottles. This could be a big task since Tucson roads seems covered in them. Reassurring huh? Next, take pictures of stupid and strange things seen on these rides. An adult diaper on the centerline of the road, as seen a couple of days ago on Gates Pass, fits into this category.
I have destroyed two tires to date. That is about one a week and within my limited injury riding time. Today was the upgrade to the Specialized Armadillo. Bomb proof and the official training tire of the Boulder crew. Bring it on Tucson. I am now ready for some Red Neck droppings (ie: broken glass bottles).
Well, hopefully I can get some photos up soon and some sponsor links. Until then look for the green Nature Valley Granola Bar and Penn Cycle wear. You can't miss them. -Ian