Friday, January 28, 2005

I am getting better...Knock on wood!

Hey, I got a whole three hours in with the most limited of discomfort. I am talking a small amount. I went up Mt. Lemmon today with Jesse, Brandon, and Jason Sager. We took it easy and I felt great. I need some positive things in life. Especially right now.
O.K, I have no idea about this blog stuff so I have been told that I can't do pictures. So, I will have to continue on my website construction.
The Nature Valley Team is looking for a bike sponsor. Do you have the goods? We are discontinuing our current ride relationship. And stop pestering me for granola bars. I ordered some and I am still waiting. Until then please go help us out and purchase some Nature Valley Granola Bars at your local store. There are some really good new flavors to check out.
If you are in the Minneapolis Minnesota area please support Penn Cycle and Green Mill Restaurants. They do for us so we should do for them.
On that plug I should go. I hope this blog is up at the team website. Dan is working on it. God bless the Swansons! -Nature Valley Team site
From Tucson Arizona, the land of crime and debris covered roads. Later
(Hey, I have Specialized Armadillos on now so no problem.)

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