Wednesday, February 09, 2005

70 degrees and I am still broken

Wow, it warmed up today here in Tucson and I am still messed up. I still managed about 3 and a half hours on the bike but I went through some moments of pain. At this point three things can happen. 1. I ride through it, have no problems and continue towards the race season or 2. I ride through it, break myself, and have no season thus sitting on my ass and spend the summer working and hanging out on the Mississippi River. Hmmm, no too bad. Or 3. I rest it and hope that it straightens out on its own. Well, I put those in the order of my personal preference. I have to keep riding on it and all the coaches, bike fit guys, and physical therapist say the same things. I can't let it heal all tightened up.
Today has results in a dull pain in the left knee and the typical right achilles pain. Both came on shortly after the ride. During the ride I powered through the right achilles pain and it went away. Who knows? I am just dealing with it for now. If it continues like this and turns into option 2 then so be it. Shit happens and we just have to deal with it. It is completely opposite of the plans I had for myself at this time. That is the hardest thing of them all. I had big plans for this season and still do but this is a real setback to those plans.
It is suppose to rain tomorrow but that is based on a weatherman's forecast so it may not. Regardless of pain or rain I am on the bike. I just looked at the start list of the Valley of the Sun and it doesn't look good for me with my current fitness. If I am sucking your wheel next weekend please understand why. Of course, the Time Trial is all my own. Ouch.
Really, if i come out of Valley of the Sun worse off or miss a cut I think I may bail Tucson because I will just be wasting my time. I will have to pay my last month's rent and my share of the utilities but it is something I am willing to lose. Right now I just need to bring myself together and figure out what I need. My mind has been on an emotional rollercoaster since the start of this injury.
Hey, no pictures today because I am too lazy to pull them up. Plus, I have to get some homework stuff taken care off. Have you found your Smurf name yet? Go to and scroll down to the mention of "Smurfs." Strange. Well, from Tucson. Land of gravel roads that are actually considered paved. -Ian

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