Friday, February 04, 2005

Ahhhh, massage today. MASSAGE RULES!

A massage. Just what I needed. Jesse told me to go to this local massage school here in Tucson. I believe it is called the Providence Massage School. Anyhow, I am sometimes skeptical about new massage students because experience really does pay in massage, well most of the time. I had a female student named Casey work on me. Wow, this girl is going places. She ranked up there in my top massages. She was super consistent with the flow and touch, and had a lot of knowledge about the body of a cyclist that I never would have expected. Super cool too. O.K, dammit, you got me. She was hot too. But seriously, she has the talent to be a wonderful massage therapist. She has a genuine interest in it and is well more advanced then I would expect from a "student." If ever in Tucson check this place out and request Casey. And tip her you stingy bastards!
Lst night we went a saw "Pro" at the Loft theater in town. It was a fundraiser for the Sayers Northern California High School Mountain Bike fund. Gord Fraser and Sayers were there. It was a low key event but well attended.
The achilles is the achilles. Casey found a lot of tightness in my calves which I knew about already. But, it was really noticeable to her which raises my concernes. I pulled a stupid move in Boulder on the 35 degree day and I should have known better by now. Karma for sure. This will turn out fine because things happen for a reason.
Monday is the big apartment cleaning day and no one is going to get out of this. I don't care if LA comes to the door and invites out for a ride. No one goes anywhere until Mr. Clean gives the wink.
I looks like I will be working with Poraic up at the Bicycle Ranch some more to get this achilles BS back in line. I do not like driving in Phoenix but it beats going all the way back to Boulder to get it looked at.
The wind continues to blow here and that is just fine. Polluted towns like Tucson and Denver need to be "flushed out" from time to time.
Tonight, Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life" is playing on campus. A classic!
Hey, go to for some crazy stuff. Enter it and clisk on to "Soundboards." There you can find audio clip from Napolean Dynamite, Tommy Boy, and Dumb and Dumber. All cult classics.
Anyway, I have to get some homework done and kill my cellphone with some daytime hour calls to my ankle fix it crew. Ciao from Tucson. Land of daily half-ton marijuana busts! -Ian

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