Monday, February 07, 2005

Federal disaster clean-up

Today we finally attacked our apartment with cleaning supplies purchased at the local Dollartree. We could have saved big cash by shopping at the 99 cent store but convience won out in this case. Jesse and I got up and went to Joel's for breakfast. Good food and it helped me to break out of the same old breakfast I have every morning in the apartment.
Now the apartment is clean and we are living in a sanitary environment once again.
God, is my luck ever going to change? O.k, the achilles is back and forth with what it wants to do. It feels like it is getting ready to rock but then sometimes it gives me little hints to lay off the pedals. It kind of scares me to increase the intensity. Top that off with the horror stories I am getting about achilles injuries and well.......
Now, I am talking to my sister today and I am outside by my van. I just happen to look down at the front drivers side tire and there is a huge gash in it. Of course, I have to check this out by sticking a flat head screwdriver in it, and what do I see? The steelbelt. So, now I have to go find two new front tires to get me going again. I am suppose to drive to Phoenix to get my achilles looked at tomorrow. Oh wait, my rear passenger side brake is grinding. I have to take that to the local Pontiac dealer too. Man, I just want to ride my bike!!!!!! What is up with all these damn unavoidable issues?
We have another teammate coming down on Friday to get ready for the Valley of the Sun. Once again, the living quarters will be tight but I guess that is the wonderful world of cycling. Ciao from Tucson. The land of the heaviest used drug trafficking corridor in the United States. Viva los Drogas!!!!!

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