Monday, February 21, 2005

Finally some sun!

The Valley of the Sun finally fulfilled it's obligation to provide some actual sun. The final stage was a criterium in downtown Phoenix. The course was an "L" shaped speed course with pretty good road surface.
I hung out near the rear for the first half and then surged more towards the front. We had constant surges in the back straight-away which required a lot of repositioning. With about 4-laps to go we had a crash in a corner I didn't expect to see a crash in. I made it out just fine and jumped onto a group that went to the finish. I finished 21st on the stage and moved up to 20th overall in the final G.C. I am pretty happy about that with my current fitness.
Today is rest and homework. I also have to revitalize my achilles again. Oh ya, and drain my bike. There was so much water in it after Saturday's race.
I got a shot on . I have no idea how to link it so you just need to go to latest photos, click on Valley of the Sun, and scan down to Day Three. There you will find my name in the picture descriptions.
Well, Later from the water soaked desert of Tucson. Hopefully it washed some of the trash out of here. -Ian

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Anonymous said...

Ian, great job at VOTS, especially with the achilles problem! Now the task at hand for you is to clear out all the rain down there for Stephen and I - we're headed down there mid-March. We don't need not stinkin' rain while we're there. L8r. -Mark B.