Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Flush already will you!

Hello from Tucson. Land of the sun, Roubaix styled roads, and the famed toilet that will not flush. I wrote about this earlier thinking that it would not be a big issue but it is. This things will not flush. I want a toilet that flushes. Well, nothing the plunger can't take on.
Cleaning time is coming and I am about to have a house meeting to get our first real cleaning session underway. It has been about a month since we moved in and the time has come to do those little wipedowns. A couple of hours by the three of us and we will be golden.
Injury update: "Well, today we are seeing that the achilles has no pain and the big old knot in the lower calf has decided to move away." "Officials tell us that this move has been anticipated for some time and that they are happy that the pain has decided to move on." "We are expecting to see Ian to attempt a ride for a few hours tomorrow and having no reoccurence of pain."
Let's hope so because I actually know so. It is gone and it is GAME ON!
Tucson is pretty nice today. Sunny, warm, and F-16's all over the place. It is a nice day. Yep, we live right under the flight path coming into the Airforce base here. I actually enjoy checking out the A-10's, F-16's, C5A's, and the hundreds of C-130's seen daily.
Today is my third day off in a row trying to heal up. I have been changing my diet, watering myself, and taking care of the injury. It is frustrating having to deal with this especially while I am down here but that is life. It is part of this crazy sport that comes to haunt us from time to time. Things will be back to normal very quickly. Ciao -Ian

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