Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hey legs. Do you remember this?

I am finally confident enough to get back into the group riding format. Jesse, Andy, and I jumped into the Tuesday morning group ride. We headed out on Ajo and snuck up behind Gates Pass for a slugfest to the top. Jesse got pinned on the front and nobody would replace him. They now realize that he has some power. Finally, some Eclispe rider jumped and I took the late jump after him. After about a minute I realized that it must be February because that was about all I had for power, a minute. We finally headed to Gates when a Seasilver rider took off. I tried to close him down on Gates but I ran out of climb. Still I was happy.
I had another massage yesterday by a girl named Genie (?) at the Providence Institute. I asked for Deep tissue work in the lower legs and that is what I got. She was good because a lot of people kill you with deep tissue. She was popping all sorts of crap out of my legs. It became a running joke between us everytime she found something. There was a lot of old injury build-up to squash out.
Well, after the slugfest in the ride today I set out for four and half more hours. I hit the wall at about hour three of six so I had to make the Little Debbie stop to get my energy back. It is nice to ride long and then eat crap because the guilt trip doesn't hurt so bad. I had those chocolate chip cookie things with the white creamy crap in the middle. I had no idea I had bought the creamy filled ones because I hate them. Still, there was two chocolate chip cookies involved so that made it worth it.
Batteries died in the camera so no picture. I wanted a picture of this big ass C5A flying overhead lastnight. The thing looks like a cruise ship in the sky it is so big.
Valley of the Sun is soon and I am in o.k shape. It will still hurt but that will be good.
Well, from Tucson. The Land of "lets just plow the dirt shoulders on the roads and that will bury all the trash nicely." -Ian

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