Thursday, February 03, 2005

It has been a wee bit windy lately

The wind is blowing hard down here in Tucson. I guess the fact that my achilles is still playing mind games with me will keep me out of the wind. At this point, my training schedule will revised for now on and my workload once I am healthy will be enough to wish I was still injured. No, I would give up this injury to having to do a 24 hour race on my fluid trainer in a sauna without any water. Seriously, I hate this thing that much. My horoscope gave me a bit of relief today by basically saying that this setback I am experiencing now will pay big dividends in the near future. And oh ya, watch your finances.
Between talking to my coach, Frank Overton, and a few bike gurus such as Dr. Andy Pruitt and Annie Sorniak in Boulder, and the crew up at the Bicycle Ranch in Scottsdale I think I should be able to find a solution to this fairly soon. Until then there is nothing I can really do so there is no reason to cut my wrists over this.
Someone was bashing one of my teammates on our team website. That really ticks me off too because we are racing essentially as amateurs. Why talk crap when it really doesn't matter? Just shut up and ride your bike. Share your experiences but not your gripes. These people whine about meaningless little issues like this and I am sitting here with an achilles the size of a tree truck. Meanwhile someone a mile from here gets smashed in a car wreck. Are our problems with ourselves and others really that big? I am just glad I can sit here and type.....and drink my tea. This kicking coffee thing is tough but I am slowly getting there. Hell, that stuff is probably taxing my adrenals while I should be healing.
Jason Sager took off yesterday and left us with a big tub of ice cream. Lowfat but still ice cream. Thanks Jay. See, this is his secret professional sabotage plan. Leave crappy food at your rivals house to handicap him down the road. Man, I am just going to use it on my achilles. Anyway, check out his site at: Cool website and good stories.
Well, from the land of Tucson. Where crime is the "in" thing to commit and crappy roads are meant to be fun. Take care -Ian

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