Sunday, February 27, 2005

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! We made it to the top of Mt. Lemmon up to the small burned out town of Summerhaven. We took off today at about 10am and ended up meeting some guys on the way up who were on the same mission. Our forces joined together to conquer the famed "you can't cross the construction zone" section. This section consisted of gravel and washboards. I have to agree that it was a little sketchy and I can see why they do not want anyone coming up or down it. Anyway, after passing the sign that read, "No Bikes Beyond this Point", we continued on up and finally made it to pavement again. About 2 miles later we heard that wonderful sound of police sirens behind us. Crap, the Pima County Sheriff. He asked if we had seen the sign and all we could come up with (ie:excuse) was that we had ridden in the back of a pickup (a white one) across the construction sight. He seemed cool about that but had turned one of the other guys from the other mission around further back. We had lost one. He told us that we better find a ride through the construction on the way down. We finally hit Summerhaven which had been wiped out by a massive forest fire. It was freezing so we piled into the cafe for hot chocolate and pie. Afterwards we made the drop back down and stopped at the construction zone. If we attempted to pass and got caught this sheriff was going to stick it to us. Instantly we found a guy with a pick-up truck who let us pile in for the ride through the gravel. We had made it. Something that cyclists have been attempting for some time. It was cold up there though. 38 degrees and look at my shin/sock warmer I devised out of an old sock. Corny but it took care of my bad calf. Anyway, tomorrow is a rest day from the bike and a work day for the homework. I have to take Brandon to Phoenix which sucks because I hate that drive (No offense Brandon). I have to drive it 2 more times in the next couple of weeks. Mt. Humboldt is next weekend and I want to give that sucker a good go. Later from Tucson. Land of, Ya that is right, we had Ghetto Bird action over our apartment again tonight! Man, the Oscars suck by the way. -Ian Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Nice Sock, Ian! Lance would be jealous!

Long Live Long Road RacesStephen

Anonymous said...

what's up with the saddlebag ?

Anonymous said... better be careful. Rumor has it that Ashcroft had read your last two posts and is in touch with the Arizona authorities regarding you illegal crossing of the dirt road.

Oh....wait....Gonzales is the new kid on the block. Now you really need to be carefull lest they put you on a plane to Egypt and work your skinny butt over 100 times worse than anything that Gord can do with his big ring.

Better watch out. You ain't in no Blue state Minnesota or The Republic of Boulder anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hey, when riding in the land of glass, nails, tacks, staples, hyperdermic needles, and smashed car part, a saddle bad loaded with your flat tire essentials is a must. Nobody will pick up some spandex clad hitchhiker in Tucson. You are more likely to end up in a hole in the desert. And there are a lot of holes in the desert. -Ian

Anonymous said...

Ok, saddlebag accepted this one time.. I hope you are well.
You should consider joining us for some Swift spring camp experience, so Jeff, Will, and Eric can have someone to whip their ass.

the american Dane

Anonymous said...

I should have known that "the Dane" would be the one to notice the saddle bag. Take the issue up with Hincapie again. I think he had one on at the finish line of the KBK. I have thought about the spring camp for Swift but I have a wedding in that area of time. I am still checking out the options. Take care man! -Ian