Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pizza is good. Actually this is an old photo but it looks good. You have to love those reflective striped jackets for flash photography. Today, Andy and I went out short for some "openers" before we head up to Phoenix for the lung buster time trial tomorrow. I go off around 2:20pm so I have some time to make sure things are working right. The legs felt o.k today and with all the crap that has been happening lately to me I will take that. My weight is still a little up there but is coming down rapidly now, and I am still eating like a horse. I think it is just because I am back on the bike. Any and I went to the Pima Air Museum today in between my school paper writing hell. They had all sorts of old military planes such as a Blackbird and President Kennedy's old Airforce One. Even though the later was used in the 1960's it still has better living conditions in it than our apartment. Well, i have to go pack. From Tucson, Land of "weathermen who have no idea when in the hell it is going to rain because it is raining now!" 20% my ass. LAter -Ian Posted by Hello

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