Saturday, February 26, 2005

Shoot-out and Canadiens.

Today I was finally able to get on a "Shoot-out" ride and finish. Many of you know that I have been dealing with a bastard of an ankle injury so I have been careful not to blow it all up again. The "Shoot-out" ride is a big ass ride that takes off from University Ave. in Tucson on Saturdays. Today we have easily over 100 riders and take the entire road trying to get out of town. Hey, there is no other choice. It looks like a damn "critical mass" ride but without the actual intention of one, well for the most part.
I found it to be a great ride for the training aspect. Teams like Eclipse and the studs from Health Net, Gord Fraser and Sayers kept things moving right along. Gord apparently enjoys that "big ring" alot. He seems to have little problem with it too. Anyway, we hit the Madera Canyon Road which is a great climb and I am pissed that I have been missing it for so long. It finishes up like the Mogollon at the Tour of the Gila.
Finally the temps have gotten a bit warmer here. Tomorrow Jesse Reints, Brandon Gavic, and myself are going to try to poach our way through the construction zone up by mile 15 on Mt. Lemmon. This may require a money kickback to the man in charge up there. The challenge is not riding to the top, it is being allowed access to get to the top. Mt. Lemmon has a beautiful road but I have only been up to mile 10.5. Damn that injury.
Last night I took out 2 1/2 degrees of shims from under my bad foot. The angle that my P.T put in their was seriously affecting my power in my right leg. Today I could feel the difference. What I have learned in this whole experience is this: If someone tells you that you have a strange pedal stroke (in my case a knee that carries close to the top tube in the upstroke), don't change crap. If it works for you then go with it. Most likely your muscles are toned for that motion and you are just opening a bigger can of worms by messing with it. This knee float was not the cause of my achilles injury by the way.
Enough bike stuff. So check this out. COPS, the T.V show, came to Tucson intending to film for future shows for 3 to 4 weeks. Within three days they had all the footage they needed. Wow huh? Homework has been bearing down on me hard and with the race season fast approaching, online classes get harder to participate in. Hmmm. I need a solution ie: a quick fix.
Well, from Tucson, Land of some seriously redneck freak'in drivers. -Ian

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