Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Support these businesses!!

If you live in the Tucson or Phoenix areas I have to say that you need to support business that show a ligitimate care in your health and well-being.
Today I had to get my van fixed. The brakes were grinding at times and I didn't want that to lead to an untimely brake failure on some mountain pass. I took my van to Tom Mackey's which is the local GM dealer in Tucson. First class service all the way. Immediate attention as soon as you arrive, they take care of you, and there is a little restaurant/lounge for you to use with food that I would actually want to eat. They had this collection of Indy and Formula One racers helmets, gloves and spoilers. Everything had an autograph from some racing legend. Well, the replaced nearly everything in the rear brake system and it was all warrantied. Not a dime.
Next, it was off to Phoenix to the Bicycle Ranch to see Chris Pulleyn and Paraic McGlynn to get this injury resolved and the bike fit spot on. They invited a local Physical Therapist from Endurance Rehabilitation to check me out. We spent about an hour and a half going over the numbers and checking out all the faults in my body. After it was all said and done we had a plan and made the adjustments. Again, not a dime! These guys at the Bicycle Ranch have been nothing but the most professional men I have ever met in the bike industry. A true class act at the Bicycle Ranch. www.bicycleranch.com
I will be working with Nathan a couple of more times to get me caught up on some things that I could be doing for myself to help in the healing and future prevention. Check out his site at: www.endurancerehab.com
So tomorrow I will take this all back out onto the road and give it another go. I am hoping with all my might that this is it. That we (all the guys mentioned above, all my friends, my coach, and myself) have nailed this bastard once and for all. I have no idea where it came from but it came and I had to deal with it.
On that note. I am a criminal justice major and Bush is taking it to us with his tax cuts. Some of the very best programs that the criminal justice system uses are being axed. It makes no sense to me and I wish I could even begin to understand his short-sighteness on this. Oh well. I just need to ride my bike. More picture tomorrow. Later -Ian

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