Saturday, February 12, 2005

Whoa. This shit was too close for comfort. Today Andy Kruse and I were heading back into Tucson down the Old Spanish Trail when we came upon this flooded road. We sat there for awhile trying to figure out how smart it would be to cross it. A few minutes later I hear this car just hauling ass around the blind corner coming into this section of road. I look up to see this Toyota locking up it's brakes and we are just standing there right by the Road Closed sign. The driver let off on the brakes and then hit them again. This time he changed direction and slammed into the Jeep. He spun out and his airbag deployed. There was a lady in the Jeep but she was O.K. Too wild and too close to me. This all stopped twenty feet from me. Other than that the ride was great and this damn flooded spot required us to backtrack twenty miles. I felt good and as you know, that is good. -Ian Posted by Hello

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