Monday, March 21, 2005

Alright. I finally have a photo. I stole this from Billy Holmes blogspot. Anyway, this is the podium at the 2005 Nova Norba Nationals Pro Marathon Race. I feel like a wee man up against these guys. Just so you know, all of these guys around me are freaks of nature. Especially the one on the top step, Chris Eatough. The rest of the stage race went well. I finished 10th in the time trial, 5th in the short track, and 6th in the cross country. That put me 3rd place overall for the semi pro general classification. I missed my podium call up for that since I was feeding Jesse Rients and Jason Sager in the pro race. Hey, water is important while racing.
Today I am in Durango and will leave here Wednesday morning for Boulder. I plan to spend some time in Boulder and then take off Sunday morning for Minnesota. As far as racing goes this year I am not in a position where I need to decide, Road or mountain? Hmmmm. We'll see. I love to do both and try to keep a happy balance between them both. I kind of wish I could go to Sea Otter but weddings, weddings, weddings. -Ian Posted by Hello

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