Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Colorado and the weather

I am back in Colorado. After making the coffee I.V drive from Phoenix I finally made it to Durango. The mighty mighty Rassmussen's put me up and took good care of me. Robin and Alicia rule the world. Their cats are pretty funny too. A little bit of coffee drinking at the Steaming Bean and a stop at Skinny's for some grub made up my Durango experience. I spent 8 hours on Tuesday dishing out a paper for school.
I left Durango this morning at spent some serious $$$ on gas to finally arrive in Boulder. Wolf Creek Pass was as sketchy as could be but I made it out of the San Juans before the big blizzard hit.
I think storms are following me. I get to Boulder and wrench my bike out of the back. I go inside to change only to find it raining when I get outside again. Screw it, I am riding. Well, that was cold. Tomorrow is some interval training, and Saturday and Sunday are crits at the Denver Federal Center and CSU campus up in "Fort Fun." I hope the weather holds out. Tomorrow is looking a bit cool.
Monday I make the trek back to Winona, Minnesota. I hope Spring follows me there. I have some training to do. From Boulder, A land much better than Tucson. -Ian
Oh ya, they had a drug bust in Tucson yesterday that turned out to be 13,500 lbs of pot! Holy pipe full Batman.

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