Monday, March 07, 2005

I have to make my cat, Tom, famous for a bit. This is my cat and he is quite the stud. He has got this thing about posing for pictures. While I am in Arizona and on the road he is being watched by my sister at her ranch. As I understand it he is now playing poker everynight with the barn cats, and he loves it. Not much new to report in Tucson. Pretty sunny today and IT DIDN'T RAIN! Wow. I am glad that I was racing on Saturday because I guess the "Shootout" ride turned tragic as there was a huge crash out on Mission Road. Big enough to cause the authorities to shut the road down. At last report about 6 riders went to the hospital. Three or four with broken collar bones and some other serious injuries. Luckily, with my race schedule I will not be doing the Saturday Shootout rides anymore while I am here. I am excited to get back to Minnesota to see family, friends, my cat, and to get some new team clothing. I am running out of cycling clothes down here. I am still hoping to go to Redlands as I got the financing side of down today. I have to research this tomorrow. Later from Tucson. Where a white pickup with a Confederate Flag in the window will guarantee you some redneck remark (in a fragmented like sentence form) while on your bike. Yea haw! -Ian  Posted by Hello

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