Friday, March 11, 2005

I was up riding the Madera Canyon yesterday and it was pretty cold as yuo can tell. No, I forgot the downlaod cable for my camera so that picture is for later. However, this is one of my most favorite pictures in cycling. Andy Hampsten on the Gavia in the Giro d' Italia. Look at that photo. How bad ass is that? Go to to order up your own copy of this crazy photo. Today, Jesse and I played "get the tubeless tire on the rim." It is a pretty hard game to play since each game piece (the tires) play differently. Jesse got one of his to inflate off the floor pump while another would not. We battles to get my Bontager tire on and finally got it to snap into place. I put some Stan's in and pumped it up again. About 10 minutes later there was an explosion in the living room. The bead had blown off the rim and sprayed Stan's all over the place. Dammit. The only reason I haven't used this tire in the past is because it is such a bitch to get on any rim. Definitley a warranty issue. The bead is way too tight. None of my other tires acts like that. We will see how our team's new tire sponsor, Shwalbe Tires works out. They look nice. It is something like 85 or 90 degrees right now. Yep, Now I am complaining that it is too hot. Two weeks ago it was too cold. I want my pourage just right dammit. In two weeks I will be back in Minnesota and I will be bitching back to the cold weather issue again. I will looking like poor Andy on the Gavia and freezing my ass off. From Tucson, land of strange things wrapped up in mexican blankets lying on the side of the road with swarms of flies around them. Hmmm? I told a Sheriff deputy. Later -Ian  Posted by Hello

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