Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Man, I love this picture. It is of Mike Creed last year at the Cascade Classic. Look at his arms and his face. Signs of a true struggle on a climb. If you know me you know that I am addicted to climbing. I love it when I am feeling great but love it more when I am suffering. Why? Who knows and who cares. Climbing is the absolute true test of your strength (physical and mental), and your endurance (physical and mental again). This coming Saturday I will get to test them out well at the Humboldt Mountain Road Race. Twelve percent climbs over three miles long will test anyones fitness and mental focus. Just so long as I do not flat by the time we reach the climb. Ha ha. Not going to happen. This week I am home alone. Brandon Gavic is back in Minnesota acclimatizing to the cold weather that he will get to deal with in Belgium. Hell, look at the recent Het Volk and KBK races. Damn that looked cold. Jesse is in Texas, and if they find out he is from Minnesota he may never make it back. Whatelse? Hmmm. A damn taxi seriously tried to kill me today. He made an aggressive manuveur towards me that almost became a fatal incident. I hope he enjoys explaining to his boss why he has a big ass dent in his right door from my fast pitched water bottle. Oh ya, it was full too. It has mass. %$@# bastard. I even turned around to get my bottle back. So, from the land of ever increasing violence towards cyclist (ie: The United States) and from Tucson, Land of the crazy ass purple minivan taxi with the fat guy driving. -Ian  Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

ian, good luck. you should double post on the flatcity page. I like your updates but don't get over here too often!

see you in a couple weeks.