Thursday, March 03, 2005

Oh, the legs are tired

After a long week on the bike and getting mixed up with some impromptu hillclimb competitions my legs are tired. Tomorrow is a one-hour easy ride and bike maintenance day. My bike sounds like it is ready to just fall apart. Hmmm? I think the rough roads down here are catching up to it.
I only have a couple more weeks here before driving back up into Colorado and then going back to Minnesota for a bit. This weekend is Mt. Humboldt, next week is an Arizona State Mountain Bike race (I guess I better ride my mountain bike a bit next week) and then up to the NORBA Nationals in Phoenix. I am not sure if I am rwacing everything there or just the 81 mile marathon race. We'll see. I would have loved to do Pomona but logistics will not allow it. I have opportunities to go to Redlands and I need to make a decision by the end of this weekend. The big issue now is $$$$.
Next week we have to attack the apartment too and get that place cleaned up for the move out. It really shouldn't take more than an hour or two.
Well, this is a short update. I have to do some homework and get some dinner. Peath out!
From Tucson, Land of, when the DOT is doing "Shoulder Work" they are probably just adding more trash to it. If you like to research stupid issues in government check out this gun bill in Arizona that would allow anyone to carry a firearm into a public school regardless of the possesion of a concealed weapons permit or not. Fucking Republicans and the N.R.A. Why do we need a bill like that? Anyone who voted for that should be shot. Anyway, it was tossed out today because of so much public pressure. -Ian

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