Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sunburns and papercuts

Damn, I got fried today. I went out and rode for 5-hours in nothing but sun. I did the rookie move and forgot to put on sunblock. In Colorado I would never go out without it. In Minnesota we are so far away from the sun that the only way to get a tan is to spray it on. Now I am paying the price. I am not burnt but I am red.
Today I felt like crapola until the end. My body is breaking down under all the hours which, believe it or not, is the goal. Tomorrow is a rest day and then Jesse and I are going to a mountain bike race. A forty miler too!
I just finished a paper on the exclusionary rule of the Fourth Amendment. Anyone want to read it? It is really exciting. Anyhow, I am glad to be done with that. I have a few touch ups to do on the legal citations and then I can send that bastard off.
It is getting really close to the time that I need to leave Tucson. That is fine because I am pretty bored with the riding here now. I am going to do the 81-mile marathon at the NORBA Nationals next Thursday and possibly the stage race too. We'll see. Then it is off to Colorado for a few days before making the leap to Minnesota.
No Redlands. It just isn't going to work this year. I better be careful how I say that because there are not many more years like that.
I need to go watch T.V. for a bit. My allergies have kicked in during this hot desert air spell. I have no idea what in the desert gets me but it does, and only when it warms up. Strange? I am sleeping in tomorrow and then eating breakfast at the Blue Willow. Ciao -Ian

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