Sunday, March 06, 2005

Well, the Mt. Humboldt Road Race lived up to it's expectations as having one hell of a climb at the end and some muddy Roubaix style riding before hand. The weather started off pretty nice but it was cool. After a series of attacks, chases, and tempo work we finally ended up on one twisty ass road. Surviving that we headed on to a gravel/mud/washboard version of this road until it just turned into mud. Taking a right off of that and onto a 3. 7 mile- 12% plus climb to the top of Mt. Humboldt we were lucky enough to experience more rain, sleet and some small hail. I managed a fourth place which was pretty damn nice considering the huge training week I had last week. Compared to my situation this time last month I count myself lucky. My bike is trashed. Bent rear wheel, seized bearing in the front hub, stuck cables, and two destroyed tires. Whew, I am sure glad I won $50.00. ha ha. Hey, it offsets those expenses if anything. It was another epic race. I am two for two in Arizona so far. Now stop raining. And sure, it is raining again today. Back to the books! From the Land of the tropical desert, Tucson. -Ian Posted by Hello