Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Well, my time is short here in Tucson. Today I am wrapping things up, studying, packing, working on my mountain bike, and paying bills. I am heading up to Phoenix tomorrow afternoon. Thursday I have the NORBA Marathon which is about 81 miles. Friday is a time trial, Saturday a short track, and Sunday is the cross country. After that I am heading up to Boulder for a few days to ride and get a paper done for school (I have 24 hours to get it done while in Boulder, great). O.K, what is this picture? This is coming down the Madera Canyon outside of Tucson. It is quite the haul to get out here but the scenery is incredible and makes it worth it. Later, from the land of Tucson. Where....I don't know.....I used to live? Ciao -Ian Posted by Hello


tj said...

Ian, maybe we'll bump into you while in Boulder. Some of us from PCW (Tristan, Chad Sova, and myself) will be out there training for a week or so during our springbreak. We are staying with Whitey so he's going to show us the rides. Good luck at the NORBA this weekend. Say hi to Jesse for me too. Later,

Jeff Kerkove said...

Congrats on the finish in the NORBA Marathon. I have had the pleasure of sucking wheel with Eatough...no easy task!

Ian Stanford said...

Cool guys and thanks a lot. I will try to hook up with you guys when I get to Boulder. I am going to do the Federal Center crit. on Saturday before I head back to Minnesota. Talk soon.
Eatough just magically disappeared. Poof! -Ian