Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hey, if you see this out on the road while you are riding please do not run it over, it is just me. Man, I am worn out. I was told that I look like I am "stage worn." Great, I heard that same remark about some of Sting's bandmates. Anyway, I am suppose to be worn out. Training will do that. I felt a bit better today on my three hour ride. Taking it easy and getting some good sleep have helped. Again, I have ditched coffee even though I was on the decaf kick. I crave that stuff too much. My big bag of 'Bou coffee will have to wait to be polished off another day. I was unable to attend the big team and club meeting tonight in Bloomington because I am bogged down in homework. Going to Florida this weekend requires a little pre-planning in the homework department. Anyway, we were suppose to get our new team kits from Penn Cycle, Shwalbe tires, and Bell Sweep helmets. Cool and thanks to those sponsors. I get my stuff on Wednesday before the flight to Miami. The team will be doing the Durand Road Race next weekend and my money is on the "green team." Us! Doug has to pull this one out or Gates. Minier? Hell ya. A lot of strength going on on the side of our team. Henry and I will be hitting Joe Martin next month. Don't let Arkansas fool you. Home of the Ozark Mountains. Looking at the profiles I would have to say "ouch!" Later -Ian Posted by Hello

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