Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I had to find a recent picture to fill my head with so I present you with this one. Can you guess where it is? Name that river? The weather continues to be incredible here in Minnesota. A slight cooling spell coming but no worries. I am debating this racing thing in Iowa this weekend. I think I could get some better rides with my team in Minneapolis instead. Plus, a lot cheaper. And I want to pick up the new bike and clothing. We'll see. Thanks to Stephen and the folks at Swift Cycling in Boulder Colorado (my old team) for the Swift hat. I was due for a new one. These gas prices are getting plain stupid. I am sure that race attendance is going to suffer a bit. Carpool folks. Make it happen. This gas issue is out of control and of course nobody is doing anything about but complaining. Just like me. Anyway, I know that I have come to that point where I am re-evaluating which races I will be attending. I know that I will be staying in the Midwest a bit more. I have come up with the figure of over $800 just to do the Tour of the Gila. What the %$#@? Are you kidding me? Figure in gas or airfare, food, lodging, entry, and all the little things and you are screwed. Again, we'll see. Paris Roubaix this weekend. Yea ha! -Ian Posted by Hello

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