Saturday, April 16, 2005

I went a saw Sting last night in Madison. First off, Madison is pretty cool town. Second, Sting is a pimp. Freak'in women were going nuts. He had Phantom Planet open up for him. They do that "California" song on the O.C. Anway, he went back a few years in his music and played a lot of Police tunes and some of his earlier work. For all you A Perfect Circle fans out there I will have you know that Josh Freese was on the drums. Now that was cool. It was a great concert and this guy still has it. I got partially rained out today on the bike. I managed two hours before it hit me. Luckily, I was within a few miles of a road that would get me home. I walked in the door pretty wet and "wham" is started dumping. Been that way ever since. I thank God for sending this rain because I have been pretty fatigued lately. I got changed into some dry clothing and went to bed. Tomorrow is suppose to really nice and warm so I will get out then. Ciao -Ian Posted by Hello

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