Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Look at Banning! What is he looking at? I hope it is just Lance's rear .....er ......tire. Well the Salsa guys can now say that they have lined up with LA, and beat him. I finally got the new bike ready to roll. A Felt F-15 and it looks good. Today it rained non stop and it was cold. I finally dragged myself outside and made it about 20 minutes until a was dumped on by some freezing cold rain and sleet. What a way to break in the new bike. Well, I finally got the shakes so it was time to bail. I had rain gear but it was really wet. No rain gear can stop that. Tomorrow is looking good so I will have to push it extra hard tomorrow. Hey, if you ever line up with LA ask him what that yellow bracelet is all about. Better yet, say "I thought you rode for the Postal Service Team." I would love to see his reaction. Oh my God, I think our new team clothing is in!!! Of course, I have to make it back up to the Twin Cities Sunday. I hate driving. I just bought my van in January and I have already tacked on 8000 miles. Slow down man, slow down. Ciao -Ian Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Only 8000, you need to start driving more.


Ian Stanford said...

Oh, it is coming. Wave two in the owrld of driving to cycling races that is. 8000 more, here we come. Got to love the gas prices. Take your antenna off and you'll save $12.00 going to Colorado. -Ian