Saturday, April 02, 2005

Nature Valley/Penn's first of many wins!

Today was the running of the Midwest version of the Paris Roubaix. We call it the Oxbow. Held in Byron Minnesota which is near Rochester. You know, Mayo Clinic Rochester.
The race started on the gravel and headed out to this pretty damn steep climb. A group got away on that which included a lot of the guys in green. Us! We kept this pack together before I jumped with another guy to open up a 20 to 30 second gap. Well, my guy died so I looked back to see a group of three chasing on. In that group was the man, Doug Swanson from my team, and two other tough ass riders. I was better to wait for these guys plus the wind would have eaten me alive.
We grouped up as four and it stayed that way for the rest of the race. Doug was riding a mountain bike with 700's on it so I wanted him to just chill out as much as possible. Still, he came up and did his share of the work as did everyone in the group.
As we came around for the finish I jumped hoping for a get away with a mile to go. I figured Doug could jump on any counter and that is what happened. Except, I got caught. Now I was on the front hoping someone would jump early but nobody did. With Doug's gearing I figured it would be best for me to keep it steady to the base of the climb to the finish. Sure as hell everyone jumped here but Doug had the advantage in many ways. One being freak'in tough. He took the win and I finished fourth. Hey, I had to celebrate behind him. It is so pro.
The rest of the team filled the results up even more. Gates, Minier, and Dan Swanson came in damn strong. Let's see.....we took 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 12th. Not to shabby. The Green Machine shall only grow stronger too.
Last night I did a filming of a new Spinervals video with Troy Jacobsen. Holy crap! Probably not the right thing to do before the race. No fans were used because of the audio concerns and Troy is a fluid trainer Nazi. Ouch. I tried to replenish my fluids but I woke up with a hangover. I definitely messed with my race today. Hey, I was in the front row of the filming so I had to be in the gear and really couldn't fake anything. 200 hundred people on fluid trainers is one damn ass strange sight. Only in Minnesota. Ya, fer sure! LAter -Ian

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Reno said...

Nice job guys. I am in Temecula right now till Sea Otter. I am heading to San Diego to camp and ride the coastal h-way today. Maybe take a dip in the ocean.