Thursday, April 28, 2005

The weather and other such odd events

In Minnesota is appears that you either get hot or cold with the weather patterns. Last week before I went to Key West it was warm. This week it is cold. One thing that has not changed is the freak'in wind. It has been blowing steadily for over a month now and it comes from every direction except for your back.
Key West was great and I have to confess. I got trashed Saturday night. Hell, I needed it. I think it flushes your body off all the build up from sports drinks, vitamins and protein shakes. A bit of a reset. It was great fun down there but I still can't figure out how they fit 25,000 residents on that island.
I have been following the Tour of the Gila to see who is doing what. Man, I wish I was there this year. The field looks pretty balanced. Oh well. Ryan Hamilty is killing it in the Cat. 2 field and I predict he will win. My friend Tom Zirbel would have definitley won it but he got injured before the race. He should come back flying and looking for blood.
Me? Well, I have been feeling like crap for a while now. Not sure what it is. I have this belief that this apartment is infested with mold and that I am going to find it. There has to be a test kit or something I can use to prove this feeling right. My sister is sick with flu-like symptoms right now and I think I am next to fall victim. Sore throat, stuffy nose, and being sleepy. Stomach aches too. I am bombarding myself with garlic, zinc, O.J, blueberries and other goodies. I need to get myself corrected and on the right path.
Speaking of which, check out This poor dude is really having a bad season. He has that mysterious illness thing as well. Check for mold mike!
I received my new team clothing and the stuff looks nice. Again, I ordered small jerseys because they fit. However, this time Sugoi took some of the length out of them. I raise my arms and you can see my fat stomach. Luckily the bibs come up high enough to downplay that effect.
This weekend I have a race in Cannon Falls. I do not expect much at all from myself because I am for surely under the weather. Next week there is something in Avon, MN and then it is off to Joe Martin. I better have my act together by then. I just have felt lousy for sometime now so I have really fine tuned my diet again. No more straying from the eating plan.
Oh ya, the team is 4 for 4 right now on wins. Of course, they are all Doug Swanson's wins but it is still all good. Green on the top step looks very nice. Ciao -Ian

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