Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wind and watts

It has been really windy around here for almost a week now. I have been trying to do intervals on some of these longer climbs down here in Winona but I keep running into headwinds. That is fine but I am having a hard time gaging my power. On top of that I have been getting pretty tired and getting low heart rates with low power. We all know what that means. Yep, I am a bit fatigued.
No worries. I am hitting the beaches of Key West this time next week and I plan to enjoy that time off the bike. I am also heading to "Madtown" tomorrow night to see Sting. Sting? Hell Ya, that dude rocks. Fit bastard too. Probably could kick my ass on these damn climbs right now.
The new Felt is working out well. The fit is spot on. That Easton fork on the front is one stiff piece of carbon and the rear carbon seatstays soak up the road hatred pretty well. The bike seems a bit soft in the bottom bracket which can be felt (no pun intended) out of the saddle.
I am currently selling enough bike equipment to consider myself a bike shop. I have so much stuff, new and used, to dump.
School is getting close to wrapping up and I have not even begun any of my three research papers. I have hunted out sources but have much more to do. I am really going to feel like a ton of bricks is off my ass when this semester is done.
A flock of crotch rockets just gunned by my house. I hope they know that we have a lot of deer up here. sparks yet. I think they made it.
Anyway, I am going down the steps and grabbing a beer. I am serious. It is just the way it is sometimes. How better to relax than have a New Belgium or Guinness in your hands. I wish Guinness would start a pro team. I would be a poser for sure and wear their jersey. Later -Ian

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