Saturday, May 14, 2005

Day 2- Stage 3 & 4 Joe Martin

Today's road stage was fast. Nobody was giving anything to anyone so if you didn't get dropped on the climbs you were able to get the pack finish. That is about all the was available. Again, I had problems early on. I flatted in the neutral rollout but had no problem getting back on. The Camp guy hooled me up then stuck me with riding my flat back to the hotel after the race. Thanks man and thanks man! At last check I was in 30th place with a sametime as everyone else except for those with stage win time bonuses.
I just got done with the uphill TT and all I can say is that I should have put more into it. I know that we always say that after a TT but climbing is one of my aces and I didn't set myself a good rabbit (pretending someone is up the road that you hate but you can't see them). I caught my one minute man and took 20 seconds from my 30-second man and posted about a 9:32:00. I heard a time of an 8:15:00 but I don't know if that was true. I should have moved up in the GC but this TT was my chance to put a stamp on my position and I failed. Not completely but not fully either. The legs felt tired for sure but I felt good. It was a nice climb.
Well, I won't be able to fill you in on the final GC until I get home because I am getting the boot in the morning from the hotel. See you all later! -Ian

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