Friday, May 13, 2005

I had a strange feeling today. I felt good but my body had the jitters. It wasn't nervousness but more like "not have coffee for awhile" jitters. For the first 30 miles of the race I am sure I was no fun to ride around. Anyway, that finally left and I was stuck worrying about other peoples crappy riding abilities. Example: Yep, that is my wheel in the picture. Note the spokes on the bottom. I had just come off the front to let the Health Net guys and Jelly Belly guys go back to work when this guy from ******* (I will protect the team for now) Mercy knows why. Anyway, he swings in front of me on the left and saws my wheels to bits with his rear der. Bastard! I love this wheel. Anyway, it starts smoking through the fork and I am on the front of the pack. It is not like I can move over since the wheel is absolutely wonked. I finally make it to the back and heard enough "see you laters" to think I was moving away or something. The Campy guy spotted me and got me going quickly again. 5-miles of hard chasing up through the caravan and I was back. The damn USCF guy was on my wheel so no fooling around car jumping in the caravan. I finished with the main pack today and may have snuck into the top twenty. The chase down really hurt and I am at fault for not scoping out the finish into town. It really suited me had I known what it was all about. The GP guys put a rider into about fifth. HIs name is Ben Raby and he was looking pretty good. We were the only two Minnesotans in the break. "Whities" as Gord calls us. It was a hot and humid 111 miles and we even got a little refreshing rain. Tomorrow it is an 8am start for 92 miles of roughly the same terrain. Being that there was a group of thirty with the same time I expect the road race tomorrow to be decisive. The TT in the afternoon cannot change the GC that much. It will though. Later from Arkansas. -Ian Posted by Hello

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