Thursday, May 12, 2005

Well, I made it down to Fayetteville, Arkansas for the Joe Martin Stage Race. First note of the day. It wasn't that long of a drive. I hit it in 750 miles. That is closer than Boulder is from Minnesota. Second, this is definitely the South. This can be noted by the attitudes of the people, the humidity, and the warmth. All key factors for the race. Somehow I have brought the wind with me and we will be racing in that. We get the full road in these races so the echelons will be long a stretched out. Health Net is here with all their guns so I can only imagine the pace tomorrow night.
Fayetteville is located just South of Bentonville, Arkansas. Do you know what is in Bentonville? Evil. It is the true "Wally World." The first Walmart and their current headquarters. Driving down here you will se Walmart trucks every minute or so. No kidding.
The weather is looking to be a bit cooler with a chance of rain tomorrow. Oh ya, windy too. I somehow got the exact same number that I had last weekend, #53. Good number.
Well, I have my work cut out for me. This will be the fastest and hardest race so far of the year. I really wish more people from my team would have come because they would have enjoyed it. I ran into the GP clan today and they look ready to go. They are here in the Radisson as well. Some of them moved from their host-housing for ghettoness factors. Hey, it's the South!
I biked for 45 minutes around town today and this place is nothing but steep "Chilkook" like climbs. The crit. course is no different. There is some serious climbing here. Updates tomorrow night about the first of four slugfests. Ciao -IanPosted by Hello

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