Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Again, it has been sometime since I rapped with you. I finally got back from Colorado. Whew, I thought I was beginning to like Nebraska but I now hate it again. "Nebraska, You Suck!" Hell, "Western Iowa sucks too!" I got caught up in a freak'in 1.5 hour delay as these lazy ass repaved a section of I-80 on a Sunday afternoon. Traffic was backed up 12 miles! What the hell? Back to Colorado. Before I left I attended a wedding of some close friends. Pretty cool and done up in Genessee Park above Evergreen. The reception was at the Table Mountain Inn in Golden. The reeck of the right-wing bastards at Coors lofted over us but we stayed clear of their "so-called" beer. Now, the last time I was at a wedding we all know what happened. My old budy Jimmy Beam stopped by for a visit. Since then we have had a falling out but he did stop by to say hi again. This time I told him to get lost. I had a pint of Avalanche and Easy Street and that was it. Next morning I trugged back to Winona. The picture? Before the wedding I cruised up Mt. Evans with some friends. This is on top looking down on the road. It was windy and cold. Well, of course it was. It is a damn mountain top. Good ride. For the 4th of July it is WORS and Northfield. Plus, I have been doing the farm work again. Jesse and I have something in common. We race bikes and bail hay. Ciao -Ian Posted by Hello

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