Thursday, June 16, 2005

First off. For all you naysayers. Horner won a big stage today in the Tour of Switzerland. Man, this guy has the goods so lay off of him. Next, this cup of coffee is making me feel like I am floating. I feel like I am stoned. O.k, yes, I am in Boulder but I am not stoned. Just strong coffee. The Nature Valley GP finished off as good as I could have expected with the officiating incident in Mankato and my stroke of pure bad luck in Red Wing. Yes, I lost my bottles in a crash after the feeding closed on the road. 30 miles of dryness. Ouch. I paid for that one. I was still dehydrated in Stillwater and felt it too. Stillwater is always fun. Doug went off like a bat-out-of-hell and I was amazed. He got up the climb so damn fast that it could be a new record. Later in the race I was trying to get around a Navigator rider when I bumped into Doug. Real cool eh? Take out your own teammates? That climb is chaos early on for sure. I finshed 26th overall, 8th in the Amateur race, and our team finshed 10th in the Team GC. Not to bad. BIg thanks to my team. Scott Ralston, Dan Swanson, Doug Swanson, Andy Minier, Andy Kruse, Matt Gates and Dan Casper. More thanks to our support staff in Aaron Johnson, Matt Henry, Anne Grabowski, and anyone else I may have forgotten. You really can't do a race without a team and support staff like that. Next up is the Hugo Road Race on Saturday in Colorado. I am sitting in and have been banned from going on breaks or attacks. Training! Wednesday is the Road Elite Nationals in Park City and that is the true "money shot." The race will be loaded with talent and just about anyone could win in the right move. A crapshoot race for sure. I just hope I am rolling the dice with some skill and a little luck. From Boulder, the land of some seriously strong damn-ass coffee. -Ian  Posted by Hello

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