Thursday, June 02, 2005

Has it been that long?

Man, I have posted for awhile. Slacker for sure. Anyway, a lot has been going on since my last post. Our team just won the Tour of 10,000 Lakes in the Twin Cities. It was a four day event that came down to the time trial. Doug Swanson pulled off the victory and his supporting cast (Dan Swanson, Matt Gates, Andy Minier, and myself) busted our asses to help him get there. Mind you, Doug has a lot of power but this was an all around team effort.
The Afton Stage brought me to a new experience in cycling that I have never really felt. Suffering. Hey, I have suffered on a bike but nothing, nothing like I did try to help close a time gap for Doug. I nearly passes out at the finish line and had to use my bike to prop me up. I ate food for twenty minutes straight only to puke it up an hour later. A few off us had some bad stomachs.
This weekend is the State TT but it is over 2 1/2 hours from here. Five hours to race 23 miles? Especially before the Nature Valley Grand Prix which starts next Wednesday. Hmmm.
I went to the General Mills Headquarters yesterday in Minneapolis. Holy crap. What a pimp facility or compund as I saw it. They had a literal food court set up for their employees. There was even a Caribou Coffee. Word on the street is there is a new Nature Valley Granola Bar that falls into the "Java Bean" scheme of things. That put some smiles on our faces.
What a Giro eh? That is one to buy. OLN is really missing out on some epic battles. Hell, Maybe Lance should just show up to these things so we can actually watch them on T.V. If he is there you can bet OLN will be too.
I scored all "A's" this past semester. It was tough but it worked out. After the NVGP I am heading to Boulder for a little altitude before the Elite Road Nationals. After that it is back to Boulder for a friend's wedding in Golden.
I have photos that I will put up later tomorrow. I have more to talk about too but I can remember anything. Later -Ian

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