Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I know I should be putting up a picture of the Nature Valley Grand Prix TT today but just go back to my last post to see me looking stupid in a TT helmet. So what is up with this photo? I am sitting in a Caribou today recovering with a cup of DECAF coffee when Andy Kruse points out the childrens chalkboard by the child play area. Look at the right side of the chalkboard. Are you kids listening? It is pretty funny to see on a chalkboard for kids in a coffee shop. The race went as well for me as it could considering how my legs felt. I am 38th overall and 14th in the 1/2's. Our team is 8th in the Team overall classification. Wow. Things are looking good for us and there is a lot of racing ahead. Our new "sitting in" teammate posted a great time and Doug is right there. The team is looking pretty healthy and we have two riders who are racing for the first time at this level. What an experienece for them. I was outside tonight and some guy was helping a kid fix their brake on their bike. He had covered the bike in WD-40 and made one hell of a mess with a pliers. I ended up jumping in by putting on a new brake cable with housing, and readjusted both brakes. It was a Walmart special and I did the best you could ever do on one of those. I am a good person huh? I was getting my fix for my addiction to working on bikes. More from tomorrow. Later -Ian Posted by Hello

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