Thursday, June 23, 2005

In the distance is my "dream home." Look at this place. Wow. This house is located halfway up Lee Hill out of Boulder. If you have been on this road you have seen it. Well, I had a shot at taking the "Stars and Stripes" jersey at the recent Elite Road Nationals in Park City, Utah. I felt great even if the super upper end of my legs was not there. We took off as a pack of 160 riders into 4-circuits outside of Park City. Breaks went but were brought back by the bigger teams. On the way back we hit two long climbs into Park City. The first climb snapped the field and the second climb snapped that breakaway. Going through Park City we had to climb to the finish in a group of about 25 riders. Towards the end it got crazy and the race turned into my predicted "crapshoot" scenario. While 18th in a pack finish is damn good at Nationals I had more and expected more of myself. I thought hard about that jersey the two days prior to the race. With a mile to go I knew I had a great opportunity to get it. That is is racing I get but it is an overall disappointment. Big congrats to fellow Midwest rider from Grand Performance, Ben Raby. He took second! I feel for him though. That freak'in close. Damn. He has been on fire all year and he deserved that one. Not Carl Decker for godsake. Next up is a wedding this weekend followed by a trip back to Minnesota. WORS races and some local crits. Red, white, and Blue would have looked good in our team mix. Tomorrow it is the haul up Mt. Evans. Yea ha! Ciao -Ian Posted by Hello


CXKing said...

Good ride Ian. Making the final selection in a race like that is difficult, so you should be proud of yourself for being there in the finale.

Ian Stanford said...

Thanks man. I appreciate that. You know as well as I how we end up just replaying the finish over and over in our heads. Frustrating at times but you have to look at the good too. Cycling is a constant lesson in learning. -Ian