Friday, June 03, 2005

"Mork calling Orson, come in Orson." Nanu Nanu from Minnesota. My spacecraft will lie in state here for one more week through the Nature Valley Grand Prix before taking flight to Colorado for a little Rocky Mountain High. After that it is off to Utah and Park City for the Road Elite Nationals and a little momo lov'in. Hey, I am reading "Under the Banner of Heaven" right now. Not too sure what to think of that book but I do know that I still will not let those guys into my house to explain Joe Smith to me again. Long story on that one. This picture is stupid. First off, I am up and out of a good aero position.....o.k. first off, "What is up with that helmet?" Hell, it beats me. The problem is the bad angle of the photo. Ya, that's it. Perhaps black does not go good with our kit? Danno looks good with the Silver Chrono helmet. Maybe the Prologue helmets is adding to my already constant state of pure dorkism. Anyway, tonight was spent working on the TT bike. I had to shorten the S-bends a bit and tighten some things down that revealed to me that they were loose in the last TT. Next up is to set up some new wheels and tires for Nature Valley and roll my back out for a few minutes on the "Pillar of Pain" and then have Lesley do the rest. Who is Lesley? My old Swifty teammates named my electric Homemedics Massage things "Lesley." She has been fought over at many stage races by cyclists hungary for her pleasure. Ah Lesley.
Anyway, I must go rest now for the journeys are becoming long. Mork out!
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