Thursday, June 09, 2005

Road Stage number one

Today was the first road stage of 92 miles in the Nature Valley Grand Prix. Crosswinds took their toll on the field and blew things to bit. Doug and myself were able to get in the first chase group and make it into the circuit finish which had a steep ass hill to get over six times.
It was a bummer that I chased a Jelly Belly and Endevour rider out on the road hoping that they were creating a good move. After being with them for a short bit we were caught by the Health Net guys. As soon as we were caught John Lieswyn bolted. I powered up for it hoping someone would go out before me to chase it but nobody did. Lieswyn got away with a group that caught a 4 man breakaway in the circuit. This was the move to be in and it just happened after at the wrong time for me. Anyway, we entered the circuit with Gord and Henderson and things looked good. Unfortunately they pulled our group after 4 of the 6 circuit laps. We were nowhere near being lapped and I think they mistakenly pulled us. This has left results in a huge mess. Luckily Doug and I had Gord and Henderson with us and they will have some pull for protests and complaints. It was a bummer because I was feeling good as was Doug. That climb was going to knock out some more people in the next two laps and I was looking to make a move and get Doug to go with me. Such is life but they should have let us race. More on today's results tomorrow. We have until 4pm tomorrow to file protests. I hope it does not come to that. They have the entire circuit finish on video. A long night for the officials. Ciao -Ian
Big huge thanks for my teammates and support staff for getting me water today. I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Bummer man. I was wondering what happened to your group. I think there were groups behind yours that were allowed to finish...