Saturday, June 11, 2005

Thank God the Minneapolis crit. is done. This race is white-knuckle race through the streets of downtown Minneapolis. Luckily it did not rain so the course was a bit safer. Of course there were a few crashed but most of my team unscathed. I was just trying to stay in the lead group. The crowds were big and it was really loud. Whistles, cheers, and hearing your name a lot every lap. I had Doug around me a lot and I think everyone in the Cities or the Midwest knows Doug. We had another officiating screw up when they told us "two laps to go" twice. The poor officiating is really had a negative effect on the general classification of this race. It is a bummer. As for me, I am tired and my back is as sore as it has ever been. It hurts enough that I can't sleep. I just need to make it two more days and then I will need to get it worked on and rest it up. Today is the Redwing stage. 101 miles of hard racing with a chance for rain again. I will let you know if I am still in there after today. Ciao -Ian Photo by: (downtown Minneapolis crit.)  Posted by Hello

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