Tuesday, June 21, 2005

We have made it to Salt Lake for the USCF Nationals. After a long drive across the barrens of Wyoming we dropped into the Salt Lake basin. It is pretty hazy and very hot. We went out to Antelope Island to pre-ride the time trial course. I am not riding the 34K rcae but my coach and Thor are. This picture is a pre-ride shot on the way to the turnaround. The island itself is out in the middle of the lake. Being the lake is so salty is smells pretty bad and there are flies all over the place. It is a fair time trial course because it will test all of your strengths. We had to drive all the way to Park City to register, drive back to Ogden to the hotel, ride the TT today, and then drive back to Park City to stay tonight for the road race at 7am tomorrow. A good 125.6 mile course for us tomorrow with a super stacked field. Anyone can win tomorrow. All I know is that I want to get a free jersey after my finish tomorrow if you know what I mean. I will let you know when I get it. Ciao -Ian Posted by Hello

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