Tuesday, July 19, 2005

First off, we all know cycling is a dangerous sport. Accidents can and do happen in all aspects of riding a bike. Training rides, heading down to the store, racing, and even cooling down. When we add in all the outside factors such as cars.......well, we become unfortunate targets. We are like ants on the roadways of America. I am sure many of you have heard about the recent tragedy in Germany. A car crossed a centerline and plowed into a group of Australian National Women's Team members. 5 were injured with two being in critical condition. Amy Gillett was killed. Yep, that is her picture up above. I mention all of this because I absolutely hate to see and hear about it, and I am sick and tired of it happening. People are becoming to pre-occupied in their cars which only makes us bigger targets. Spread the word "wake up!" Enough. Superweek was an absolute disaster for me. I stayed at a friend's house that had no air. I slept on the couch and just sweat all night long. I got to Holy Hill and had nothing. Dropped out with no water and no signs of sweating. Not good. Regrouped, rehydrated, ate a lot of food, and got some better sleep but was still off today at Lakefront. I felt strong but people were simply acting stupid and childish on the course. Preventable crashes and shit talking. I don't want to get hurt before Altoona so it was best to get out of this one. Still, I hate dropping out of races but sometimes it is the best thing to do in the big picture. I see Carl Decker got a kick ass National Champion frameset from Giant. That race still dwells on me. Thanks to Andy Minier (Mean Dawg) for getting through Superweek with me over the past two days. Brandon Gavic and roommates for a place to sleep and the feeds today. Rest week until the Altoona race. Hmmm, this season is getting a wee bit too long. Ciao -Ian Posted by Picasa

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