Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Redneck with a sore neck

O.K, I have to start this post off with one of those road trip moments. You know, the things you see on the highway when your travelling alone. Well, yesterday it was a passing pick-up in which the passenger was bent over into the drivers lap. Hmmm. The driver just looks over at me and smiles. As the truck passes I notice the big "Redneck" sticker in the back window.
I went to the WORS race in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on Sunday. It was a new course with a lot of tight singletrack. I wasn't too sure about the course though. Race day found me lined up near the rear. I was able to move up into about 15th by the end of the first lap and could have kept moving up because I felt good. Shortly after the start of the second lap I went down with another rider. Somehow I had broke my rear brake cable. No more race. A real bummer but that is racing.
I went to the Northfield crit. yesterday. I buried myself jumping on as many early breaks as possible. Finally one stuck with Dickey, Hall, Mulroony, and myself. I took three primes and let Jeff take one too. As soon as I took the last prime the group attacked. I could not get back on and had to ride no-man's-land for 12 laps. I finished 4th overall. My greed in the primes got the best of me. Next up? Maybe Tour de Toona. Ciao -Ian

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