Thursday, August 04, 2005

Altoona was great. It is a pretty cool race that runs through a beautiful part of the country. We took of out of the Cities in a downpour which slowed our progress just enough to hit rush hour in Chicago. From there it was living the life of Toll Booths through Indiana, Ohio, and finally Pennsylvania. We arrived at the Blue Knob Resort outside of Altoona pretty damn late and just slept the next day. Of course, Bob and Peter had to go pick up the women in Pittsburg who were trickling into the airport throughout the day. Missing bikes and delayed flights made that a complete mess. The time trial was on a technical 3 mile course. A lot of turns and small climbs. It was actually a pretty fun course. The next day was a circuit race in which nothing could or would happen. After that was the first road race which provided a climb to destroy the field. I managed to get in the first chase group with Brian and Dewey and we finished 26 seconds off of the leaders. The next day I crashed pretty hard with under 5 miles to go. A squirrely rider in front of me locked them up and gave nowhere to go. I didn't get too torn up but I suffered some good bruising. After all of that it was just trying to hang on everyday. I ended up about 41st in the GC and under 20 minutes back. I am pretty happy with that considering the bad luck, time of year, and the sudden notice of going to this race. Our free time consisted of guys stealing golf carts and cruising all over God's Earth on them. I could write a book about this race but I will cut it off here. I want to thank Bob Pavlica, Chuck, and Peter Fairbanks for all the help with everything at the race. It really lowers the stress. Big thanks to my team of Dewey Dickey, Steve Tilford, Ben Stolte, Brian Jensen and Ben Raby. Awesome guys and damn good riders. Trudy for all the reliable bottle feeds and all the medical attention she gave me. She was like a pro siougneur. Grand Performance and the Saint Paul Bicycle Racing Club. Without your support I would have never got to this race. Phil Stringer for putting this together. And our womens' team. Becky, Megan Monroe, Megan Elliott, and yep, Lynne Bessette. Hey, we had the hottest women's team for sure. I will be keying in on this race for sure next year. Picture? Trudy packing things up after the stage finish in Altoona, and Ben chilling out. Later -Ian Posted by Picasa


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