Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ore to Shore and 24 Hours of Afton

I was 4th overall male at the Ore to Shore. The top 5 overall was in a 39 second spread. I messed up in a sand section that I usually blast through and could not catch back on in the final three miles. I reeled back Jeff Hall from a 20 second gap only to lose by 7/10ths of a second to him on the line. So I guess you can say that I didn't quite catch him. Yes, the Eppens won on their tandem. How you ask? A few things. The course is a pure power course. You do the math on that one. Key? Power to weight. Second, Yes the Eppens are freaks. Third. It rained for two days on and off again leading into the race. The sandy areas have never been so firm thus they could roll over this pretty damn easy. I predicted on Thursday before the race that they might actually win. Well..... It was a great breakaway group. Brian Matter, Tristan Schouten, Jeff Hall, The Eppens, and myself. We had nearly 7 minutes on the rest of the field. My streak of getting sticks stuck in my rear deraileur at this race every year continues with a record THREE DAMNED sticks getting stuck in there. Dismount, fix, chase back on for 5 minutes. Yes, thank God for the tandem .... at times.
Tomorrow we start the 24 Hours of Afton. My team stays pretty much the same with Jesse Rients taking Doug's place. Doug is in Montana and I hope it is just a vacation. Stay with us being the cycling world. At least a little longer. Speaking of which, Doug is back on the bike and that is good. Come by and visit us tomorrow and Saturday at Afton Ski Area. We have a big ass R.V. with a Nature Valley tent set up next to it. I am going to try to park more by the lodge this year. Of course, it is depending on whether they leave lights on at night. I need my 45 minutes of sleep every cycle dammit. See you all there. -Ian

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CarlV said...

There is not a power to weight advantage for a tandem. They are very difficult to accelerate and are normally just as heavy as 2 single bikes, if not more. The real advantage is the perfect draft. Having essentially only one frontal area gives about the same amount of drag as a single, but with the power of two, so it's really a drag to power advantage and has nothing to do with weight. I guessing the Eppens didn't beat you up the hills, but on the flats I'm sure they were flying.