Sunday, August 07, 2005


Ah Christ! This whole weekend was dedicated to attending reunions. Last night I had my 15-year high school class reunion. Going into this I had made some assumptions that the hot girls would now be ugly and the ugly girls hot. Well, while in theory this would make sense it did not hold up to be true. In fact, some had actually gotten hotter. My theory worked in some cases though. Our reunion was held at the local Elks Club. It came complete with a bar and food that consisted of water pumped chicken breasts, some fake mashed potatoes, some strange looking yellow gravy, corn, and ham with pineapple tidbits. Oh ya, the absolute worst fettucine alfredo. Surprisingly there was a vegetable tray. Ya, it was pure ghetto. Everyone just continued to hang with the groups that they hung with in 1990. Some people partied like it was still 1990 for them. It was an aweful feeling going into this and I am glad it is done. The award for the student with the coolest job occupation did not go to me. No, My friend Ryan gets it hands down. He is the Brewmaster for the Namyslow Brewery in Namyslow, Poland. Now that is cool. We are heading down to tour the New Glarus Brewery sometime this next week.
Today was a family reunion on my side of the family. It was cool and my family is finally turning around from its constant state of being broke asses. We have members of the family putting down some serious paychecks and inventing wild stuff in their fields of work. A bunch of the live in Austin, Texas so of course we had the mandatory "Lance Talk." I am planning on heading down to the Ride for the Roses in October so I will be able to spend some more time with them.
So after a week of reunions and having to avoid shitty food as best possible it is time to get rock'in for the next month and a half of racing. Tour of KC is this next weekend and then the Ore to Shore. The Ore to Shore is like how the Giro compares to the Tour de France or in this case, Chequamegon. I guess that makes the Ice Man the Vuelta Espana. Anyway, this week is dedicated to tearing down the mountain bike and getting her ready. Ciao -Ian

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