Sunday, September 25, 2005

No picture?

Yep, that is right. No pictures in this post. You are going to read damn it, READ. Basically, I am out of pictures right now.
Today I drove on down to Chaseburg, WI for a Wisport race. When I got there I found out that rain must be scary so they cancelled the race. Eight of us went out anyway and stormed a lap in the on and off rain. To be honest, it was absolutely beautiful out. Hell, if I was a promoter we would race in Hell or high water. Back when I was a kid we had to race our bikes up a hill both ways to school, we had no other choices .... blah blah blah.
Next up is my sister's wedding which should be the hardest event for me of the year. I have set a limit of three beers for the entire day and evening. No repeats of my counsin's wedding in Key West. Sorry Jimmy Beam, you have to stay in the bottle this time. No, we have a keg of Spotted Cow from New Glarus so that should keep some people smiling, laughing, acting stupid, puking their brains out, sleeping with strangers, waking up with a horrible "I will never drink again" headache, and guzzling morning coffee faster that old Juan Valdez can pick it.
It must ne that time of season when the body wants to prepare for winter. I am walking around drooling on every piece of cake, donuts, bowls ice cream, beer, wine, and other crappy items. I have resisted so far. I SHALL RESIST DAMN IT!!! -Ian


Reno said...

3 beers, what is this July! It's your sisters wedding. I drank a bottle of champagne with dinner at my bros wedding.

Anonymous said...

Ya, more on that supposed "three beers" tomorrow. Damn peer pressure! -Ian