Saturday, October 08, 2005

All my 'soon to be my new bikes' are getting the opportunity to appear on the Blog. No, Trek is not paying me. They are just great bikes. Today I am taking off for Sheboygen. It is a bummer of a drive from Winona Minnesota because A. I have to drive all the way across Wisconsin. B. There are no direct routes to do so which makes the drive seem like a game in Tron. C. We are camping which is cool and is going to be cold. I will have to spin for about three hours tomorrow before the race to thaw out. I am the Ice Man, Coo coo cachoo. Monday I start my Fall hiking/ golfing campaign. It is a good time to work a little extra, go for hikes, look for some golf balls, golf, lose the newly found balls, and go look for them again. It is a very cyclical process that only comes once-a-year. As a child I used to look for golf balls and was making over $300.00 a week doing it. Wait, that is more then I am making now. Christ, perhaps I need to revisit my childhood. No word on getting a call-up this weekend. If not I will try to make my way up to the front over the first couple of laps. If the gap grows hand me a beer because the off-season will have officially started. Ciao -Ian Posted by Picasa

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